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 Animal sightings

Joined: 07 Jan 2005
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Animal sightings Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 9:31 am 

Have not seen a hawk attack, but I expressly time my runs for sun-up in order to catch some wild critters. In the summer I often see a deer or two, and/or a fox on many of my long runs in the woods. Now that it is winter, it gets light so late that I guess the critters are already hiding, so I have to be happy with dogs and their fat owners.

Runworks 2005 5M Racer
San Francisco, CA
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Re: Animal sightings Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 12:22 pm 

Where do you normally run? It sounds nice.

I normally tend to ignore the dog-walkers, but the other morning I passed a man and dog as I was coming up a steep hill. I was wearing gloves due to the cold, and as I passed, the man cheered "Here comes Bill Rogers with the white gloves!" I was kind of surprised to find a dog-walker who was "in the know" so to speak.


South Orange, New Jersey
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Re: Animal sightings Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 8:11 pm 

Though I live only 15 miles (as the crow flys) from midtown Manhattan I'm only a mile from a 2,200 acre reservation (South Mountain Reservation) where I do most of my runs along a limited access road or trails. The deer sometimes become a bit of an nusance to me. In the evenings they come down the hill and into the backyards of the homes that border the reservation and eat out of their gardens during the night, and then head back into the reservation during the early morning. So I encounter them during every run.

They often stand along the road and watch me go by...within about 10 feet of them. Sometimes they'll stop in the middle of the road as I approach and gawk at me. They stand in my way and I have to go around them. I try to give them plenty of space so as not to startle them (they're neat to watch as I go by). I'm always afraid one might suddenly lunge at me and head butt me with their antlers. Occasionally I'll clap my hands to alert them and get them to move off the road.

Once, while I was doing my post run stretching I counted 37 deer coming from different directions and converging onto the same trail heading into the woods. A few times, while running along the trails, with my head down watching my footing, I've come around a curve and practially ran ontop of them. I'm not sure who's more surprised.

As you can guess, these deer are pretty docile. There's no hunting in this area and they seem to accept people without too much concern.

Runworks 2005 5M Racer
San Francisco, CA
Joined: 26 Nov 2004
Posts: 1157

Re: Animal sightings Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2005 10:37 pm 

Late last summer my family and I rented a house in a rural area up in the mountains. The house was next to a big meadow where hundreds of cattle grazed, and my daily runs took me across a cattle grate through about a mile of this meadow. The first day we were there, it was cold and a little snowy, which apparently makes the cattle hang out on the road surface due to its warmth. I came cruising through the meadow to find a hundred cows standing in the road, staring at me dumbfounded. They turned and ran away as I approached, but instead of scattering into the fields, they just ran further down the road. So here I am, running along for a mile while driving this stampeding herd of panicked cattle before me. Definitely one of life's stranger moments. Eventually they turned away when they reached the end of the meadow.

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