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 Stars Of Tomorrow At Foot Locker Cross Country Championships
Submitted by Rickshaw :: Mon Dec 13, 2004 12:14 pm
The United States' best high school distance runners convened in San Diego this weekend for the 2004 Foot Locker Cross Country Championships. The 5K race has served as a showcase of young running talent for decades, dating back to when it was the Kinney Championships. Many past winners have gone on to impressive collegiate and professional running careers, so fans look to the race as a showcase for the running stars of tomorrow. This year's boy's race was won by Ken Cormier of Douglas AZ in 15:22. Aislinn Ryan of Bellvale NY took the girl's title with a time of 17:31. Congratulations to everyone!

More coverage of Cormier's victory can be found at .


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Re: Stars Of Tomorrow At Foot Locker Cross Country Champions Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2004 1:28 pm 

i watched the nike-sponsored team xc race up in oregon last night. (on tivo - i think it aired a week ago). it was pretty fun to watch actually. i've been a spectator at a few of the local xc events and you only catch a glimpse of the action when the runners pass by. but they had cameras on the field the entire time so you could see lots of subtle events within the race. there were the rabbits who TOOK OFF, built a huge lead, then faded. there was close up action of surging & counter surging by mid pack runners on opposite teams who were pushing for critical team points. plus there were a couple of upclose wipeouts on the haybails and hills to satisfy the nascar fan in me. i hope OLN & Fox continue to show events like these.


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Re: Stars Of Tomorrow At Foot Locker Cross Country Champions Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 3:47 pm 

there are lots of good interviews and photos here too -

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Re: Stars Of Tomorrow At Foot Locker Cross Country Champions Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 5:34 pm 

A couple of interesting things from the interview with girls' winner Aislinn Ryan:

She does her training runs by time, not by distance.
Her average training mileage was somewhere around 55 miles per week.

Shoot, I've averaged nearly that much weekly mileage all year, and I'm not running any 17 minute 5K's. Then again, I'm not 16-years-old either!

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