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 Asics GT-2100 Strangeness
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Asics GT-2100 Strangeness Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 2:43 pm 

For the past several years, I've run exclusively in Asics GT-2080's. I ran in them when they were new, and then hunted the internet for hidden stashes of GT-2080's for more than a year after they were discontinued. During that time, I've had practically no pain or injuries at all.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get with the times, and bought a new pair of GT-2100's (having completely skipped the GT-2090 generation). They felt fine in the store, but as soon as I got them home and tried them side by side with my 2080's, I could tell there was something significantly different about the shape. The arch supports in the 2100's seem significantly more pronounced. They weren't uncomfortable, but at this point I've had lots of success with the 2080's and so I wasn't too keen any anything new. Sure enough, after only a couple of weeks with the 2100's, I'm starting to get mild knee and hip pains of the type I used to often get years ago when I first started running. This could be partially due to returning to running after several months off this summer, but I think it's at least partially due to the shoes.

Has anybody else made the same shoe switch, and noticed that the 2100's seemed fairly different? Is there a similar shoe from another maker that I could try instead. I just want my 2080's back!

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