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 Chicago's Lakeshore Marathon: A 27.2 Mile Mistake
Submitted by swrittenb :: Fri Jun 03, 2005 1:39 pm
If you've ever raced a course that felt longer than it should have been, it was probably just fatigue playing tricks on your brain. But runners at last weekend's Chicago Lakeshore Marathon found that their nightmare had come true, and the course was mistakenly set at 27.2 miles - a full mile longer than the standard marathon distance. Last-minute changes to the race route added an extra one mile loop on Navy Pier, and race organizers apparently forgot to remove a mile elsewhere to compensate. With several of the mile markers missing, most runners didn't know how far they'd come, and didn't realize the mistake until after completing the race. The race organizer has apologized for the mistake.


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Re: Chicago's Lakeshore Marathon: A 27.2 Mile Mistake Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 7:45 pm 

Yeah, I've kinda felt that I'd done that before, because at a qualifying meet, I had to run the quarter-mile at 400 meters, while kids at Fort Middle ran 400 yards... A good 40 yards shorter... Meaning that they probably had about a 5 second break on me... They had to re-run it at Lakebottom Park though, which goes by Metrics, and sure enough, I beat one of them out by half a second, while the other one didn't even qualify...

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