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 Chris Lundstrom Wins Napa Marathon, Dick Beardsley 12th
Submitted by Rickshaw :: Wed Mar 09, 2005 10:07 am
San Francisco runner Chris Lundstrom notched his first ever marathon victory with a win at Sunday's Napa Valley Marathon. Despite fighting stomach problems most of the race and stopping twice to use the bathroom, Lundstrom finished in 2:23:43, nearly three minutes ahead of his closest competitor. For his victory, Lundstrom will receive his weight in wine. Marathon legend Dick Beardsley finished 12th overall in 2:43:41, capturing the master's title.

Past winner Mary Coordt captured her second victory in the women's race in 2:51:50. Coordt decided to enter the race just the night before, after seeing the weather forecast of near ideal conditions.

Clear and cold conditions with temperatures in the low 40s and no wind welcomed the large field at the start. Temperatures climbed into the mid 60s, but patchy fog along the course made for cooler conditions. There were a record 2,300 total entrants and 1,750 finishers.

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