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 Marathoner Runs As If He's Stopped the Clock
Submitted by ginger :: Mon Feb 14, 2005 2:39 pm
At 73 years of age, Ed Whitlock can still kick your butt. Last fall the Canadian runner completed the Toronto Marathon in 2:54:49, smashing his own world record for the 70+ age group. "People underestimate what old people can accomplish," said Whitlock in a telephone interview. "Old people are the worst in that respect. They let themselves be inhibited by age."

Despite his amazing successes, the unassuming Whitlock does not have a shoe contract or other commercial trappings. He has neither a coach nor even training partners. He does no stretching exercises or weight training. He has no special diet. His training consists of laps around a local cemetery.

Bill Rogers said of Whitlock "I think he should slow down and have some respect for us youngsters."

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