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 Spreadsheet-Based Running Log Software
Submitted by Rickshaw :: Tue Jan 04, 2005 1:39 pm
Looking for a better way to track your running progress in 2005? Check out David Hays' Runlog, a powerful Excel-based template that tracks everything but the kitchen sink related to your running. If you've already got Microsoft Excel, or other spreadsheet software that can open Excel files, then you've got everything you need. Best of all, Hays' running log is totally free.

At the heart of Runlog is the log itself, where you enter details about your daily runs. In addition to the basics of date, distance, and time, you can also enter other information such as your heart rate, shoes used, and workout goal. From this, your basic stats like weekly mileage and shoe wear and automatically computed.

As you dig deeper beyond the main log, you'll find the other worksheets are where Runlog proves its value versus a simple paper log. There are a wealth of graphs and charts automatically generated from your data, such as a track of your cumulative 30-day distance total, and bar charts of runs broken down by month, type, and distance. With these tools, you can begin to see beyond the day to day training numbers to spot the larger trends.

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